Chinese New Year Celebration 24 Jan 2014

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Dear Avid Readers,

Sometime after the successful Launch of the New Honsbridge on the 11 Jan 2014 , the Honsbridge Principal Committee (HPC) asked if they can organise the next event for the school, the Chinese New Year Celebration. The HPC is headed by Yvonne Tan, Rafdian Nahri and their other amazing team members.  The celebration was held on the 24 Jan 2014 and it was organised so that the school also celebrated the Teachers’ birthday for Ms Samantha, Miss Alicia and Miss Farah.

The Principal also gave out the Cash presentations to the Winners of the Career Bazaar namely Santhakumar, Rafdian Nahri, Lim Khean Hoe, Hadib Han. Along with the Career Bazaar Winners, cash prizes were given out to the students namely Shaun Leong, Lim Khean Hoe and Esther Gan who helped out at Honsbridge Star Education Fair in Dec 2013. Not forgetting to mention was the Ang Pow Presentation to the amazing Honsbridge Principal Committee who have helped the Principal organised a series of successful school events since formation in Oct 2013.  A job well done to Yvonne Tan of G9 and her fantastic committee.

The CNY celebration ended with a series of festive Chinese New Year Songs and the teachers organised a series of Lou Hei Ceremonies for all the students and teachers.  Honsbridge is very happy to give our students and teachers the first Lou Hei in the Year of the Horse.
Last but not the least, the school wishes to apologise to the parents for any inconveniences due to students leaving school late on that Friday.

On the same note, 24 Jan 2014 was also the day that the O Level/ IGCSE results were released for the G8 graduates of Honsbridge. We wish the school the very best of luck when the Principal gets the results at the British Council.

Alicia for Honsbridge






photo 3(3)

20 Jan 2014 Pembrokeshire (UK) Honsbridge (Malaysia) Launch of A Level Twinning Program

photo 3(4)

20 Jan 2014 Pembrokeshire (UK) Honsbridge (Malaysia) Launch of A Level Twinning Program

photo 5(2)

20 Jan 2014 Pembrokeshire (UK) Honsbridge (Malaysia) Launch of A Level Twinning Program

Dear Avid Readers, Parents and Students,

Following the successful launch of the A Level Twinning Program by the Pembrokeshire and Honsbridge Team on the 20 Jan 2014.
It’s time to invite all prospective students and their parents to attend the welcome briefing for the Twinning A Level Program. We invite all students or parents to RSVP attendance by clicking here. For more details. Please find the information below. We look forward to meeting all the students, parents and friends.

Date: 26 (Wed) Mar 2014

Time: 2pm-3.30pm

Venue: Honsbridge , No. 20-1, Jalan PJU 5/7 Dataran Sunway, 47810 Selangor Malaysia

Attendee: All SPM graduates, IGCSE/ O Level graduates who wish to achieve AS Level in Malaysia and A2 Level in Britain.

Event: A Level Twinning Program by the Honsbridge International and Pembrokeshire College Team.

Host: Dr Alistair of Honsbridge Sixth, read more about the the novel A Level program in a post here.

For more information, feel free to contact the team on 1700 815 188 (Malaysia) or

00 44 7971 123464 (Hayley Williams in Britain)

Honsbridge Pembrokeshire A Level Programme

Entry level: Year 11 IGCSE/ O Levels with a minimum of 5 credits in English, Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, etc.

Start date of AS Level in Honsbridge: 7 Aug 2014

Start date of A2 Level in Pembrokeshire : 1 Sept 2015

Available subject combination: (core subjects – choose any 3 or all 4 for medicine students)





(optional 4th subject – choose any 1)

Business Studies

English Language Literature


Promotional fees for registration before the 30 April 2014  for NEW STUDENT:

1. A registration fee (one-time) of RM3,800 is applicable to each new student which includes printing fee for 3 subjects, Oxbridge application workshops and the registration fee for the Honsbridge AS Level Program.

2. Honsbridge DOES NOT collect any security deposit for facility fee & tuition fees from parents for any programmes.

3. The total tuition fee for the Honsbridge AS Level Programme is RM20,000 for 3 subjects.

4. The total tuition fee, food and accommodation for the Pembrokshire A2 Level Program is approximately RM50,000. The Pembrokeshire college is also committed to give special bursary to the Honsbridge students which is included in the total tuition fee for A2 Level Program.

5. Book fees and exam fees are excluded from the tuition fees stated.



Ice Breaker Games


The Polo O Level Challenge Team


The Chosen Ones O Level Challenge Team


Meet the Master O Level Trainers in Chemistry, Ms Samantha and inMathematics, Mr Satya


Meet the Master O Level Trainers in English, Mr David and in History, Miss Farah


The Bananas and Cream O Level Challenge Team


The Potato O Level Challenge Team


The 87 O Level Challenge Team


The Kwaveamash O Level Challenge Team


The SEAN O Level Challenge Team


The Phantoms O Level Challenge Team


Andrew Siew of the Banana and Cream Team was shortlisted to present his answers in the Physics Challenge Showcase



Honsbridge O-Level Challenge

by Farah H. Nayan

                Never one to miss out on an opportunity for excellence, Honsbridge International has pioneered Asia’s first O-Level Challenge for students who are in the process of preparing to sit for the exams. The first ever Honsbridge O-Level Challenge took place on the 15th of February, 2014 and registration was open to not only the students of Honsbridge International, but to any student who was interested in competing, regardless of which school they are currently studying in.

                The collective sense of excitement could be felt at the registration desk, where the students were divided into groups of three or four and given their table and team number. Over thirty eight students attended this groundbreaking event, soon after the ice breaker games were over, anxiety slowly melted away to camaraderie and laughter.

                Seven teachers including the Principal, Emma Furze from Honsbridge were selected to be the Master O Level Trainers, whose job it was to administer the questions and to give a lesson for every question that the competitors were challenged, categorized into specific subjects: English, Chemistry, Math, History, Biology, Business and Physics. The highlight of the O Level challenge was chaired by Dominic Hon, he gave the students a chance to pitch a new tag line for NIKE. He was very impressed with the students’ creativity and simplicity for the tag lines that were presented. There was one tag line that stood out and it was “I NIKE IT”, everyone loved it!

                Competition between the students was strong, but they always remained respectable. By the end, they had come up with group names and were cheering each other on as they went up to collect their respective prizes worth RM500 in total. The day ended with new friendships made and above all knowledge gained.


Following a successful Asia's First O Level Challenge. Honsbridge is set to organise the second O Level Challenge on the 6 Dec 2014. Unleash the leader in you by registering for the Challenge today

Following a successful Asia’s First O Level Challenge on the 15 Feb 2014. Honsbridge is set to organise the second O Level Challenge on the 6 Dec 2014. Unleash the leader in you by registering for the Challenge today!

New Honsbridge Lauch 11 (Sat) Jan 2014

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Honsbridge Year 7 to Year 12 under One Roof

Honsbridge Year 7 to Year 12 under One Roof

IMG_6438IMG_5923 IMG_5919 IMG_6033IMG_5945 IMG_6022


1Hb Launch 53 1Hb Launch 52 1Hb Launch 51 1Hb Launch 50 1Hb Launch 49 1Hb Launch 48 1Hb Launch 47IMG_5988IMG_5966 1Hb Launch 46 1Hb Launch 45 IMG_5965 1Hb Launch 43 1Hb Launch 42 1Hb Launch 41 1Hb Launch 40 1Hb Launch 39 1Hb Launch 38 1Hb Launch 37 1Hb Launch 36 1Hb Launch 35 1Hb Launch 34 1Hb Launch 33 1Hb Launch 32 1Hb Launch 31 1Hb Launch 30 1Hb Launch 29 1Hb Launch 28 1Hb Launch 27 1Hb Launch 26 1Hb Launch 25 1Hb Launch 24 1Hb Launch 23 1Hb Launch 22 1Hb Launch 21 1Hb Launch 20 1Hb Launch 19 1Hb Launch 18 1Hb Launch 17IMG_5834 1Hb Launch 16 1Hb Launch 15 1Hb Launch 14 1Hb Launch 13 1Hb Launch 12 1Hb Launch 11 1Hb Launch 10 1Hb Launch 9 1Hb Launch 8 1Hb Launch 7 1Hb Launch 5 1Hb Launch 6 1Hb Launch 4 1Hb Launch 3 1Hb Launch 2 1Hb Launch 1 New 1hb p New 1Hb o New 1Hb n New 1Hb m New 1Hb k New 1Hb l New 1Hb i New 1Hb h New 1Hb g New 1Hb f New 1Hb e New 1Hb d New 1Hb c New 1Hb b New 1Hb a

Honsbridge flyer – amended

Dear Avid Readers,

As you know, we have moved to the new premises since Jan 2014. The school wishes to thank you all the guests, friends, parents, teachers and students of Honsbridge for a successful relocation. The photo gallery herein captured the moments of celebration held on the 11 Jan 2014 and the early days of the new premises.

All students of Year 7 to Year 12 will now be reading under one roof. The successful relocation on the 6 Jan 2014 to the new premises has marked the commitment and promise by the Honsbridge Team to raise the teaching and academic standards for the school.

We wish all students and teachers a very successful 2014 academic year.

Emma for Honsbridge

Testimony for the Principal

Dear Emma and the Honsbridge Team,

What a remarkable and memorable 3 years at Honsbridge Academy. Finally Siddharth and Zhen-zhu have completed their academic journey under Honsbridge’s superb tutelage.

Your team of dedicated teachers has been instrumental in gearing them for the 2012 and 2013 ‘O’ level examinations. It was nevertheless challenging for Siddharth to resit the second round in May 2013. With the overwhelming assistance extended by you and your teachers, Siddharth was able to achieve a high score and was accepted into college.

The extra tuitions have also been instrumental in helping Zhen-Zhu score higher marks as well as improving her weaker subjects. She has become more confident in tackling the coming IGCSE in October with the warm attention and encouragements that was given by the team.

At Honsbridge, Zhen-Zhu was given opportunity to grow and learn not just to be a ‘bookworm’ but also excel in the many extra-curricular activities organized by the school. Speech Day 2013 was just one of the occasions to appreciate that Honsbridge is interested in grooming the whole person, not just academician.

Finally, I am touched by your personal consideration to me. Your door was always open whenever the ups and downs appeared. This open communication has successfully helped me decide what is best for my two children while Honsbridge takes on the role as the educator.

It is without doubt, Honsbridge will grow even stronger to be one of the top private academies of excellence in Malaysia. Kudos to all of you!

Yours sincerely,

Sook Peng

23th October 2013


Testimony for the Principal

Good Afternoon Emma
Judy and I would like to express our gratitude and appreciation for the guidance and support that you have provided for Angela.
We are very proud of her O Level achievements and feel so happy for her, and we know that you have played an important role in motivating and guiding her throughout her time at Honsbridge.
Thank you so much Emma. You together with your sister Alicia and brother, and your team at Honsbridge have done an excellent job in bringing the best out of Angela. M
May God continue to shower his blessing upon you, your family and all the rest of the teachers and staffs at Honsbridge and may Honsbridge continue to grow into a sucessful an established education centre of excellence…. great work!
Judy & Louis Tan dated 25 Jan 2014

Testimony for the Principal

During my three-year stay in Saudi Arabia, I went to two international schools as my parents moved from one place to another. Although I was doing quite well preparing for my IGCSEs, my parents were not convinced that I was up to the standard. Therefore, they decided to send me back to Malaysia. It was a nightmare for me as I had less than a year before the big exam. My parents insisted that I enter Honsbridge Academy. Not only due to its  close distance from my residence, but also because of the secure and friendly atmosphere of the institution. Growing up in a different environment and culture, it was tough in the beginning. The management and teachers were very accommodative and supportive in making my transition less painful as possible and soon I was up to full speed. Ms. Emma, for instance, was even willing to arrange a one-to-one private class with Mr. Kuldip in order to boost up my understanding in Chemistry. Not only that, I also attended other complimentary classes to further develop myself. Honsbridge has offered me so many opportunities which in turn, have helped me to discover myself.

However, the only regret during my stay here was I did not participate in the sports and other outdoor activities that were organized by Honsbridge. I know it could make me a much better person. I believe the environment that they work hard to improve will continue to develop, mature, and most importantly make the students realize their full potential.

Best wishes,

-Fathini Abdul Rahim, Class of G8 dated 27 Jan 2014


 Testimony for Teachers

The teachers in Honsbridge Academy were very helpful and motivating. When I first started, I was rather oblivious about a lot of things. The teachers however put their faith in me and encouraged me to work hard despite the short of time. The teaching, in my opinion, is the best that anyone can hope for. I really liked the teaching as the teachers showed me how to improve whilst having fun learning. At the same time, I felt constantly challenged to push myself to exceed what is expected. I have no doubt that the person I become is due to my time spent here and though it was a brief journey, it has been a major turning point in my life. Looking back, I don’t think I could get the grades that I deserved if not for the dedication and support of the teachers and staffs. So thank you all. On a personal note, a big thank you to Ms. Emma, the teachers and all my friends.


-Fathini Abdul Rahim, Class of G8 dated 27 Jan 2014

Testimony by Judy & Louis Tan ( parents of Angela ) dated 27 Jan 2014

When Angela made the decision to leave National School and to go for O Level we were all concerned and worried if it would be the right decision .

We , together with Angela and into after a couple of months of joining Honsbridge felt it was the right thing to do . The change in Angela’s confidence began to grew on each passing day and more significantly as she began to play an active role in Honsbridge’s events such as debates , speeches & presentations , sports day , etc.

Angela was always achieving good grades in National school but at times lack confidence in certain subjects and there wasn’t really a teacher who could motivate or guide her , but she found what she needed at Honsbridge .

Angela has matured in a very positive way , the lessons learnt had been tremendously awesome and coupled with the guidance and nurturing of a team of excellent educators she has managed to achieve today the excellent results which undoubtedly was the right recipe of the combination of a sound education and a team of quality teachers as her supporter .

Definitely a thumbs up to the Management and Staff at Honsbridge …the Bridge to Success !

The Happy Go Lucky O Level/ IGCSE Class of G8 Nov 2013.

Congratulations to the Happy Go Lucky O Level/ IGCSE Class of G8 Nov 2013.
Absentees: Fathini, Habib, Fara & Ismail

Dear Avid Readers,



I am pleased to update the Class of G8 for the Nov 2013 Cambridge O Level/IGCSE Exam Results have been extraordinary. It was no easy feat and there were set back but overall the results have exceeded expectations of many students, teachers and parents.

Special recognition goes to Angela Loo Zie Zhing of G8 who has achieved straight As being A*A*A*A*AA in all subjects that she read. Once again, congratulations to Angela and her family

Next, I like to give special mention for the following students who have also achieved remarkable results in their short tenure of studies in Honsbridge. It was most uplifting for me to see the huge improvement and progress made in these students in consideration of their diverse background when they joined Honsbridge.

1. Fathini Binti Abdul Rahim, Malaysia – BBAA*A*

2. Ismail Ahmed Mohamed, Kenya – CCCBA

3. Komal Raza, Parkistan – BBBAA*

4. Habib Igor Vadillo Abdulrahman, Spain – CBAAA

5. Fara Lucia Martin, Britain – CBBBA*

The school is very proud of the class of G8, well done everyone!

Warm Regards,

Emma Furze


MSc (University of Liverpool), BSc (National University of Singapore), MRSC

Honsbridge Academy

No.20 Jalan PJU 5/7 Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara, Petaling Jaya, 47810 Selangor

T: +60 (3) 6156 6807   F: +60 (3) 6156 6807
M: +6017 320 8837    W:


Please consider the environment before printing this e-mail

 Students Business  Math Add Math Biology  Chemistry Physics English History
1 81 78 75 75 77 64
2 75 80 91 92 78
3 60 62 70 87 65
4 47 88 78 78 64
5 55 81 62 72
6 65 84 78 88 83
7 75 66 63 76
8 91 88 96 95 90 86
9 66 72 85 75 80 90
10 62 81 82 72
11 75 81 78 81 85
12 74 75 71 93 62
13 79 76 89 79 91
14 65 70 68 58 85
Mean UMS 68 (C) 77 (B) 78 (B) 78 (B) 80 (A) 79 (B) 79 (B) 62 (C)


Honsbridge flyer – amended

Dear Avid Readers,

When you are interested to read the A Level Twinning program offered by Honsbridge Academy and Pembrokeshire College,  why not attend the coming Information Day herein. You are invited to RSVP here to attend the FREE event. We regret to inform that only attendees who have prior RSVP are admitted to the event.

Date: 20 (Mon) Jan 2014 & 26 (Wed) March 2014
Time: 3pm -430pm & 2pm-3.30pm
Venue: Honsbridge Academy, No. 20-1, Jalan PJU 5/7
Dataran Sunway, 47810 Selangor Malaysia
Attendee: All SPM graduates, IGCSE/ O Level graduates who wish to achieve AS Level in Malaysia and A2 Level in Britain.

Last but not the least, thank you for your support at the launch of the O Level Challenge Competition & the A Level Twinning Program by the Honsbridge Academy and Pembrokeshire College Team on the 14 & 15 Dec 2013 in KLCC.

For more information, feel free to contact the team on 1700 808 188 (Alicia, Dominic, David in Malaysia) or 00 44 7971 123464 (Hayley Williams in Britain and visit

As Christmas is just 2 sleeps away, here is wishing you and family very happy holidays and a blessed festive celebration.

For Honsbridge, we celebrated Christmas on the 30 Nov with ” All in the spirit of giving“.

Emma for Honsbridge




Cambridge O Level Challenge Booklet FREE when you register to compete in the O Level Challenge Competition, 15 (Sat) Feb 2014 @ 9-12pm.

Cambridge O Level Challenge Booklet FREE when you register to compete in the O Level Challenge Competition, 15 (Sat) Feb 2014 @ 9-12pm.


Meet the Honsbridge Team to learn more about the Express Cambridge O Level/IGCSE Tuition Today at the KLCC Star Education Fair, Booth A005, Hall 1.

Meet the Honsbridge Team to learn more about the Express Cambridge O Level/IGCSE Tuition Today at the KLCC Star Education Fair, Booth A005, Hall 1.


FREE O Level Challenge Booklet when you register for the Cambridge O Level Challenge Competition, 15 (Sat) Feb 2014, 9-12pm,

FREE O Level Challenge Booklet when you register for the Cambridge O Level Challenge Competition, 15 (Sat) Feb 2014, 9-12pm,

Dear Avid Readers, Parents and Students,

Thank you for the support for the Honsbridge 2nd roadshow. Honsbridge’s first roadshow was held in 2011 at the Sunway Giza. The team and students have had a lot of fun meeting new friends and parents. We learnt that many visitors have found useful information from Honsbridge  regarding the Cambridge O Level/ IGCSE qualification.

14 & 15 Dec 2013 will mark the 2nd roadshow by the Honsbridge Team, we hope more visitors will benefit from information provided. To raise the level of participation from the visitors, we welcome all students aged 12 to 17 years to challenge themselves in the first of the kind Cambridge O Level Challenge Competition. This special academic competition is proudly organised by the Honsbridge Teaching Staffs.  All students who are interested to read O Level/ IGCSE or are preparing for their coming exams will benefit from the fun and innovative O Level Challenge Competition.

Registration for the Cambridge O Level/ IGCSE challenge competition will start today, 14 Dec 2013.

Once again,

Event: O Level/ IGCSE Challenge Competition

Date: 15 (Sat) Feb 2014

Time: 9am – 12pm

Venue: Honsbridge

People who should attend: Students aged 12 -17 years old.

Registration Fees: RM60 (normal price) and RM50* (special fee for Honsbridge students and early bird registration on the 14 & 15 Dec 2014)

Goodie Bag: FREE O Level/ IGCSE Challenge booklet & Certificate of Participation in the O Level/ IGCSE Challenge Competition.

For more information, you are welcome to contact the Honsbridge Team on 1700 815 188.

Thank you for reading the entry.

As festive season is just around the corner, my team and I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year 2014.

Emma for Honsbridge








Honsbridge Student Committee 2013

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Hb Student Committee Investiture Poster 2013

Honsbridge Student Committee Investiture Poster 2013

Honsbridge Student Committee Members

Photo Gallery for the Preview of the Honsbridge Principal Committee 2013


Mega_Honsbridge_Poster Map of New Honsbridge No -20 PJU 5-7


Dear Respected Parents, Teachers and Students,

Drum rolls, as I confirm Honsbridge is relocating to a new premise soon. There is major renovation as we speak and it is fully supervised by Mr Dom. His primary objective is to provide spacious classrooms/laboratory/Speech & Drama Room/Music Room/Staff Rooms and common area. Above all, the security of the students ane convenience for all staffs will be raised.

We have thought long and hard how we will mark this special milestone for the school. It is my pleasure to invite you for the New Honsbridge Launch event above, proudly organised for you by my staffs and student committee made up of 28 Year 10 and Year 11 students.

For more information especially on the address: Contact 1700 815 188 or see the Mega Honsbridge poster designed by the HPC, Honsbridge Principal Committee.


To attend the special and action packed New Honsbridge Launch even,  please RSVP by visiting before the 15 Dec 2013.

Thanks so much for RSVP ‘Yes’ or ‘No’, it’s just a click away.

Emma for Honsbridge

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