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Dear Avid Readers,

Thank you for visiting this page, we invite you to visit the revamped website on honsbridge.com

Cheers to building a successful generation through a solid education,

Honsbridge Team



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Hello one and all,

It’s that time of the year when Honsbridge invites all teachers, students and their parents to attend the annual Xmas Do. Thank you for clicking on the link here to RSVP your attendance and if you aren’t coming, please advise so too.

We regret that only RSVP before the 13 Nov 2014 will be accepted and admission is strictly for invited guests who have sent in their RSVP.

The 3rd elected Honsbridge Principal Committee, will be hosting the event for the school.  Thank you so much for giving us any feedback on 1700 815 188 or contact any of us here

Head – Gary Fong Jia Ting on garyfjt0206@gmail.com

Vice Head – Andrew Ng on ngyinlun1999@gmail.com

Publicity and Marketing Director – Sean Wong Ji Kay on nerdyasianguy@gmail.com

P & M Assistant Director – Julia Ho on julia.ho1999@gmail.com

Logistics – Sam Liew and Ee Jun Hua on eejunhua14@yahoo.com

Event Director – Kimischa Teo on kimi.cj7@gmail.com

HPC members – Madeline Gan, Esther Gan and Joey Leong

Congratulations and best wishes to the elected student committee members who will endeavour to do their best for the school’s events and students’ welfare, at the same time preparing their level best for their O Levels/ IGCSE.

Finally big thank you & job well done to the outgoing 2nd HPC

Head – Lim Khean Hoe

Vice Head – Lai Yee Shuan

Publicity and Marketing Director – Aaron Liew

Event Director – Shannon Khoo

Logistics Director – Shaun Leong

Logistics Assistant Director – Joey Leong

for the first and very successful HPC rally & elections.


Emma Furze

The Principal


HB_DebatePoster 2015

The 2014 Honsbridge International Debate and Knowledge Challenge

From the viewpoint of the host(s) Miss Farah Hussin

Honsbridge International is always looking for ways to involve their students in activities to help them become valuable members of society. With this in mind, after their successful run with the O-Level Challenge this February, Honsbridge has decided to yet again offer students the opportunity to be part of an innovative program that will help them hone their soft skills- a valuable attribute for any individual, let alone young future leaders of the country.

The Honsbridge team came together to organize a dual-program held on their facilities on the 29th and 30th of August 2014, opened not only to their own students, but to any schools who were interested and willing to send their students to take part in this exciting new venture. There were altogether 111 participants from 13 different schools namely Nexus International, Kolej Tuanku Jaafar, UCIS International, Sri KDU, Help International, Beaconhouse Sri Inai, Rafflesia International,  SMK Seksyen 10 Kota Damansara?, Honsbridge International, Kolej Yayasan Saad Melaka, Sri Ayesha School, Sri KL International School, Sri Nobel International School. Each team was  made up of 3 members, not necessarily from the same school. Students were further divided into Junior and Senior categories.

The Honsbridge Debate Challenge was met with enthusiasm by the students, and they expressed even more interest when it was announced that said program would also be accompanied by a Honsbridge Knowledge Challenge, which was an offshoot of the school’s previous O-Level Challenge, where students were asked general-knowledge questions.

Prizes were given, fun was in the air and knowledge was attained. All in all, a resounding success!

From the viewpoint of a participant: 

The first annual Honsbridge Debate Challenge opened to great applause.

This was to be the start of a wonderful weekend; full of fun, challenges and socializing. The school was alive with students, both from Honsbridge and other schools. Most people were just meeting for the first time, but everyone got on well.


Most of us participating were first-timers, but some students had previous experience debating. We were given our team numbers, and the first round of debates began. We set off to our first challenge, knowing what to expect, but nervous nonetheless. The first round passed quite quickly, with topics like “Gay Marriage” and “Cosmetic Surgery” being the main focus.


The rules out the competition were simple. If a team were to loose two debates, they were out of the challenge. But for many this meant they got to participate in the much anticipated Quiz on Sunday. From all those who took part in the Quiz, it was clear they had a wonderful time, as did those who made it to the later rounds of the debates.


My team and I made it to the semi finals, and then onto the finals themselves. Sadly, to make it to the finals, we had to debate a fellow team of Honsbridge students. It is truly a great feeling, making it so far into a competition alongside your team mates. Especially as this was our first major debate challenge.


While we did make it to the final, and had the great pleasure of facing an undefeated team, we lost in the end. However, the idea is not just to win, but also to have an awesome experience, meeting and debating new people, making new friends and memories to cherish. And that’s exactly what we did.


The Honsbridge Debate Challenge was truly an amazing experience; one which I would be honoured to participate in again one day.

-Theodore Barrett-Marshall, Class of Year 11, G10A from Honsbridge International


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HB_Flyer 2014 - p1 HB_Flyer 2014 - p2 HB_Flyer_Page2-01 HB_Flyer_Page3-01 HB_Flyer_Page4-01 HB_Flyer_Page5-01 HB_Flyer_Page6-0110620746_389019944583594_4417398215354562583_n 10592815_389019881250267_4989404086737673315_n 10419991_389019861250269_1984246049350093871_n10616266_389019804583608_7375947834047089652_n 10641162_389019764583612_8566139901028380621_n 10405541_389019717916950_8627885254097419263_n1606933_387025164783072_1193604499374692226_n10410620_387025111449744_3751365299386884301_n

For more updates of Honsbridge O Level/IGCSE academy  life photo gallery, just click here. Thank you for visiting.

Dear Avid Readers,

Honsbridge Hb is proud to have hosted the series of complimentary debate training workshops by Coach David. Thanks everyone for the awesome participation!

Important reminders for the Interschool Debate Challenge, 23 & 24 Aug 2014

1. Formal dress code is required and printed in the rules please check them. Basically, boys & girls: shirts and ties, jackets if possible attire. For girls, no skirts above the knee is the standard.

If student violates the dress code, the judges will be instructed to deduct points from your team.

2. Cell phones are allowed in the 15 minute preparation time for the debate.

3. Students are allowed to bring in up to 50 pages of research material to use in the debate. 50 pages single sided 25 pages double sided. It can be printed by hand or type written.

If student violates the 50 pages limit, the judges will be instructed to deduct points from your team

4. The ON TIME policy kicks in at 9am on the 23 (9am-4pm) & 24 Aug (9am-12pm). Students and teachers are welcome to report from 8.30am on both days.

If student violates the ON TIME policy, the judges will be instructed to deduct points from your team because all the competitions will start ON TIME.

5. When you are in doubt, feel free to ask any of our 10 Honsbridge Official Hosts who will be wearing name tags at the Challenge, there will also be Honsbridge Student Officials to assist all debaters.

6. CLOSING & PRIZE GIVING CEREMONY – all parents, teachers and students are welcome to attend the ceremony. Please report by 11:30am.

7. Finally, Honsbridge International is having Roadshow at the Sunway Giza between the 20 Aug to the 31 Aug 2014. Welcome all to visit us at the booth for more games and O Level/ A Level Twinning information, you can’t miss us because we are located just opposite Baskin Robbins. See you there!


Time For Debate & Knowledge Challenge Prizes!!!
Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals for Debate Challenge 2014
Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals for Knowledge Challenge 2014,
6 Magician Peter Marvey Tickets for the Gold Medalists
6 Starbucks Vouchers
6 MacDonald Vouchers


With much anticipation for a successful and fun Interschool Debate Challenge, we wish all the debaters of these schools the very best!

1. Nexus International
2. Kolej Tuanku Jaafar
4. KDU
5. Help International
6. Beaconhouse Sri Inai
7. Rafflesia International
8. SMK Seksyen 10 Kota Damansara
9. Honsbridge International- Debate Challenge Host
10. Kolej Yayasan Saad Melaka
11. Sri Ayesha School
12. Sri KL International School
13. Sri Nobel International School


Cheers to “Three debaters as a TEAM, Do it, as a Team”

From your Debate Challenge host,

Honsbridge International Team
HOTLINE: 1700 815 188



Honsbridge has always played a leading part in improving the standard of English in Malaysia by teaching our students the Cambridge O Level/IGCSE syllabus – English being the world’s language. Since 2009, Honsbridge students have achieved As and Bs in their English O Level exams and have attained awards at International Debate Competition e.g. the World Scholar’s Cup.  Over 200 students at Honsbridge have attended debate training sessions held in complimentary annually in order to compete in debate competition with all schools from different countries.

The Honsbridge debate training sessions have proven so successful to develop Honsbridge students to become more confident in public speaking and become winners at the competition since 2010, that it was time for the Honsbridge Interschool Debate Challenge to be organised on the 23 & 24 Aug 2014. This is to let more students outside of Honsbridge Training to benefit from the joy of Debate at affordable fees as well as to attend the fun learning debate workshops, conducted by David Butler of Honsbridge, an experienced and respected Debate Coach since 2010. All registered participants of the Honsbridge Debate Challenge are welcome to attend the debate training workshops with compliments of Honsbridge until the 16 Aug 2014.

A total of more than 28 teams have signed up for the competition by the 21 Jul 2014

1. Nexus International
2. Kolej Tuanku Jaafar
4. Sri KDU
5. Help International
6. Beaconhouse Sri Inai
7. Rafflesia International
8. SMK Seksyen 10 Kota Damansara
9. Honsbridge International- Debate Challenge Host

10. Kolej Yayasan Saad Melaka

11. Sri Ayesha School

12. Sri Kuala Lumpur International School

Debate Training Workshop 6 Debate Training Workshop 5 Debate Training Workshop 4 Debate Training Workshop 3 Debate Training Workshop 2 Debate Training Workshop 1

To prepare the contestants for the debate, Honsbridge has organised many workshops since May and most recently on the 12, 19 Jul, 9, 16 Aug at 9-12pm.  More than 200 students have benefited from these complimentary devbate workshops. To ensure the quality of debate, Honsbridge has invited MIDP to organise the debate judges for the adjudication panels.

To sign up for the debate challenge and for more details of the debate Challenge, simply click on the online form below:

Both the debate training workshop and the competition will be held at the Honsbridge International, No. 20. Jalan PJU 5/7, Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara, 47810 Selangor. (Tel 1700 815 188) on the 23rd and 24th Aug 2014.

Members of the public interested to watch the competition may email emma@honsbridge.com for details.

Best Wishes for the Ramadan and a blessed Hari Raya.

Warm Regards,

Emma Furze


MSc (University of Liverpool), BSc (National University of Singapore), MRSC

Honsbridge International

No.20 Jalan PJU 5/7 Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara, Petaling Jaya, 47810 Selangor

M: +6017 320 8837    W: www.honsbridge.com


Please consider the environment before printing this e-mail

Dear Avid readers,

The 5th Speech day & Anniversary concluded with a buffet dinner accompanied by an amazing live band presented by the Honsbridge Band and Overdrive 11 made of Honsbridge Alumni and Beaconhouse students.

The preparation started in full swing since 2pm and by 4.45pm, the show was ready to begin. As with Malaysian timing, we waited for the audiences and started the show just after 5.15pm. The show started in full swing with an introduction by our Emcees namely Seyvaq & Shaun, O Level/ IGCSE graduates class G6.

A big thank you to Taylor’s University Lakeside, students, parents, teachers and guests who supported and attended the event. For those who miss the updates and photos posted online. Everyone is welcome to enjoy the photos on that day compiled by the Honsbridge Principal Committee and the teachers here.

As not all parents of the 19 O Level/IGCSE intakes since inception of Honsbridge will have been able to attend under. Here is the speech dedicated to parents, students, teachers and guests who have supported Honsbridge for the five successful years.

Speech by Ms Emma Furze, Principal of Honsbridge International, at the 5th Speech Day on Saturday, 21 June 2014, 5.15pm at the Taylors College University, Lakeside

Ms. Ee Hooi Cheng

Vice President, Business Development of Taylors College

Vice Principal, Teachers, Parents

My family,



Boys and Girls,

Good evening!

1I am delighted to be here, to address all of you for the Honsbridge 5th Speech & Anniversary day.

2For the past 5 years, more than 200 students and teachers have come to call Honsbridge their school and I have heard many who also call Honsbridge their second home. The school is the pioneer preparatory centre for O Level/ IGCSE in 2009, to all the parents and teachers who have joined since, I am proud to say we remain results driven when delivering a conducive learning and teaching environment for our students. This Speech & Anniversary Day is the most extensive annual event for Honsbridge. It would not be possible without the hard work and commitment of our Vice principal, teachers and the 2014 Honsbridge Principal Committee. Together, you create for our students a valuable and vibrant platform for life-long learning.

3I want our students to have a holistic education. So I have designed our school experiences for students to acquire a broad and deep foundation for a life-long journey of learning. One of such rich experiences is Speech Day.

4Speech day develops character and values, cultivate positive attitudes and strengthen people skills. Why?

This is because our students from the 19 successful intakes of classes since 2009, they are either a member of the School Student Committees, as emcee, performer, backstage official or just as supportive peer during the busy period leading to the annual Speech Day, when they interact with team mates and they overcome obstacles in pursuit of the goals that my teachers and I have set, the lessons learnt provide them a strong inner core to draw on in the future. In my view, the valuable trait that Speech Day develops is courage to excel, because you and I will soon witness my students and alumni give their all when being Emcees, giving speeches and performances. I believe in presenting awards and prizes to our deserving teachers and students, simply because when they receive their certificates of recognition and prizes, they will be encouraged to excel even more in life. Above all, Speech Day lets everyone to have a good time as one Honsbridge family.

5 Next, I will share with you highlights of the school this year. At the recently completed Asia’s first O Level challenge in Feb, there were many stories of courage, discipline and eventual triumphs since my teachers and students started campaigning the Challenge in Dec 2013 during the Star Education KLCC fair. My capable and united teachers presented a series of interesting and challenging questions in the form of slide shows and challenge booklets. Student challengers in groups of 3 or 4 competed with good cheer and presented their answers for more than 100 questions. The top three teams won a total of RM500 cash/vouchers and all teams were recognized with certificates of achievement. It was yet another milestone for the school.

Most importantly, we can all be very proud of the school’s 5th consecutive year I in achieving outstanding O Level/ IGCSE results from the class of G8 in their Oct/ Nov 2013 exams. Our graduates achieved with an average of As and Bs across all six subjects namely Math, English, Add Math, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. We rejoice for the more than 70 graduates who have moved on to college and universities. With much faith and hard work from the teachers of the graduating class, G9 I believe the May/June 2014 exam results will be good, this is because I am always pleasantly surprised by the remarkable improvements achieved by our graduates. Their preparation between the Trial exams and their O Level exams made a huge positive impact on the final outcome. Needless to say, I expect the class of G10 to beat the G9 in achieving the most spectacular sets of O Level results for the school to complete 2014. Am I right, G9 & G10?

6Each year, the Sportsman and Sportswoman tropies are presented by the school to the students who best exemplify the attributes of character, integrity, and sportsmanship on Sports Day. Amidst the recommendations of worthy athletes, I am heartened to announce that Shannon Khoo and Liew San Lom of the Year 11 G10 class, have received the honours this year. I wish all young athletes continue to train hard in order to receive the prestigious trophies next year. For the 3rd year running, the Honsbridge Sports curriculum have developed students in terms of character, comradeship, and mutual respect among players, supporters, and competing with other schools. This is because all students have opportunities to demonstrate character as players, supporters, and even as volunteers. Our teachers also get out of the classrooms to become spectators, trainers and organisers during the busy period leading to this year’s Sports Day at the Kelana Jaya Sports Stadium. Together, the school gains a sense of community and responsibility when parents, students, teachers and guests support one another to host the most successful sports meet 2014.

There are many more highlights for instance, the Honsbridge New Launch in Jan and the complimentary eye and dental screening services at the Segi University in May. All school events and initiatives were organised with the support from teachers and parents with the aim to give various platforms for our students to learn.

7Onto teacher recognitions, David Butler, a capable Debate Coach, Sports Coach, English Teacher and the longest serving staff, has helped the school to achieve many milestones. I will like to take this chance to present David, the Sports and Debate Coach of the Year Trophies. Let’s welcome David to join me here. Congratulations to David for receiving double accolades from Honsbridge.

This year, I am pleased for many teachers’ achievements. For instance, Farah Hussin has held the 2nd successful History projects and Satya Moturi has organised the 2nd successful Math Competition. Next Speech day, I look forward to nominate both Satya and Farah to receive accolades in anticipation of the next successful History projects and Math Competition. Not forgetting to mention the excellent effort and planning by Catherine Wong to organise outside of classroom trips for 2 consecutive years to impart Biology lessons. I am sure my students will agree with me that they have had a lot of fun learning and sampling (I have not verified this by the way!) at the Guinness Anchor Brewery study tour in May this year. Last but not the least, there were many innovative Chemistry, English, Physics, Business & History projects powered by Samantha Kho, Michelle Toh, David Butler, Yvonne Kong, Sabeeta Singh and Dominic Hon despite his busy schedule as Vice Principal. Our teachers aspire to inject a lot of fun for students reading these subjects. Cheers to the recognition for our teachers’ creative teaching methods and patience to impart knowledge.

8 Moving on, I like to share with you what I have learnt from my teachers, students and their parents in these fantastic 5 years at Honsbridge. I have learnt from my students, teachers and siblings included that I am often forgiving but not always forgetful to collect their homework J. And although students, parents and teachers may disagree with me at times, but I have always received immense support from everyone and for this, I am so blessed and grateful for the good faith that everyone has. For instance, how many students, teachers & parents here remember the major change from smart casual student attire for 4 days to Honsbridge polo student attire for 4 days? I still remember vividly the heated debate between the students and teachers. I learnt that a change in school policy is never easy for students to deal with immediately. There will always be a transition period of getting used to and eventual understanding of the cause behind the change. As my students have shared with me, “We are teenagers and have raging hormones. The freedom of wearing smart casual attire is one of the ways for us to keep our raging hormones from getting the best of us.” I have also learnt from many of the students’ parents, “I fully support the school for implementing school uniform so that I don’t have to worry about my girl wearing too revealing tops, or my boy coming to school in shirts, discipline is lacking somehow!.” My teachers especially welcome the change because they did not need to correct students as much for inappropriate attire. So for 5 years and counting, I have learnt that implementing changes, teaching Math, Add Math, Physics and Chemistry, executing events old or new such as the Sports Day, Cross Country, Career Bazaar, Tree Planting, O Level Challenge and Debate Challenge and interacting with teachers, parents and students take courage, preservation, tenacity and most of all passion in order to achieve the best results for the school. So thank you so much to all of you for giving me these invaluable lessons to learn.

Last but not the least, let me share with you my wish list for the next 5 years at Honsbridge. Before that, I hope that Mr David will not mind, he once said to me this “I couldn’t wait for one of you, he was referring to me, Mr Dominic and Miss Alicia by the way to become parents.” I gathered that he meant when that time comes, there may not be event after events! To be honest, we all hope to find out what will happen when that time comes J In the next 5 years, I will remain dedicated to work hard, to assist my teachers and students to continue breaking boundaries, building bridges and exceeding expectations of themselves. I wish the school will have more success by building on the solid foundations that have been laid for 5 years. I believe my dream will come true because the Honsbridge family has delivered strong growth and O Level results year on year. I like to finally add  my teachers’ wishes, “Happy 5th Anniversary, Honsbridge! 5 years still going strong.”

In closing, I want to thank you especially Ms Ee Hooi Cheng, Vice President, Business Development of Taylors College and her team for all the assistance given to the school for this Speech Day. Not forgetting to mention that Honsbridge has accepted the Taylors College Study Tour invitation on the 4 July 2014. The school looks forward to continuous collaboration with the esteemed college university. Let’s give a round of applause for Ms Ee to join me here as I give her the school’s token of appreciation.

And to the dedicated and creative Vice Principal, Mr Dominic, to the best Counsellor, Miss Alicia, teachers, teacher assistants and respected parents, for your dedication and service to the school, thank you so much for your unyielding support for our students. I hope that every family receives a copy of the 198 limited 5th Speech Day souvenir files prepared especially for you. To my family and hubby for their understanding and help from the early mornings to late nights, thank you so much. To all the Honsbridge O Level graduates and alumni, congratulations on completing your high school and best of luck for your future academic and personal pursuits. You have the last homework from me J, find the 5th Speech Day flyer (on the reverse of the flyer) in the Speech Day file, read & enter the Honsbridge story contest with your original O Level success story. There are attractive prizes to win such as RM500 in cash, 16 Peter Marvey Magician Show Genting Showroom Tickets & 16 GSC Movie Tickets. The deadline to enter the story contest is on the 30 Aug 2014. To all my students, your homework today is to let your hair down and have an enriching 5th Speech & Anniversary Day.

Let’s all have a very happy Honsbridge family Day! Thank you.

The O Level/ IGCSE G9 and G8 Graduation Award Ceremony G8 and G9 grad award 9 G9 grad award 8 G9 grad award 7 G9 grad award 6 G9 grad award 5 G9 grad award 4 G9 grad award 3 G9 grad award 2 G9 grad award 1F2F prize ceremony 1J4 presentation 1Bd presentation 1HPC award 1Speech Day 2Sports Award 1Cake cutting ceremony 1cake cutting ceremony 2Dinner and dance 1DnD 3DnD 2



HONSBRIDGE July Holiday Programme 2014 Honsbridge Holiday Programme P2 Honsbridge July Programme p3 July Holiday Programme 2014 p4



Dear Respected Parents & Students,
We would like to update you on our July Holiday Enrichment programme that may benefit your children in their preparation for Cambridge IGCSE examinations.  Tentative timetable is also attached.

Honsbridge Cambridge IGCSE / O Level Holiday Enrichment 2014


Intake:                 16 July 2014 

Duration:             16 July 2014 to 25 July 2014*


Syllabus:             Cambridge O Level / IGCSE & (All subjects)

                           Singapore Cambridge GCE O Level (Math & Science)

Level:                  All levels from Year 6 to Year 11

Contact hours:     7.5 hours per subject (90 min per lesson x 5 lessons)

Timetable:             All classes are scheduled between 8:30am to 3:00pm from Monday to Friday*
* Note:  Please refer to timetable for more information / start date. 


Academic excellence


What makes learning at Honsbridge unique and effective is the combination of: 

·      Highly qualified academics who are masters of their own craft and in delivering all lessons,

·      Small class sizes (maximum 6 students) ensure that teachers are able to focus their time and attention on individual students.

·      Dedicated supervised study and preparatory lessons for all students. The lessons promote peer learning and teachers help the students to learn independently.

·      Students who come to us from many different parts of the world. This diverse mix of nationalities ensures that all students are required to use their English skills to communicate. 

Please refer to the attachment for more info, e.g. timetable.  
There is also an early bird rebate of 10% to 20% depending on number of subject enrolled.  
Hope this helps. For further assistance, please contact me at 017-3312 113 or Emma 017320 8837.
Thank you.

Honsbridge Team


SpeechDayItinerary-01 HB_SpeechDayPoster-01 (1)


Dear Parents

Thank you for your RSVP for Honsbridge Speech Day 2014 cum 5th Anniversary Celebration.
We are sorry that we will be missing students and parents who can’t make this event.
Thank you so much for the well wishes from all parents :)
Event:  Honsbridge O Level/ IGCSE Speech Day
Date:   21 June (Saturday)
Time:  4:45pm to 9:00pm
Venue:  Lecture Theatre 12
             Taylor’s University, Lakeside Campus
             No. 1, Jalan Taylor’s, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor
Find us on Google Maps
GPS: N 3° 3′ 52.91″, E 101° 36′ 58.15″
Please be there early and register at Lecture Theatre Guest Reception from 4:30pm onwards. Presentation of video will start from 4:45pm. We hope all parents and guests could be seated by 5:00pm.
Best wishes for all students and teachers who have all worked so hard together for the best 5th Honsbridge Speech & Anniversary Day.
With much pride for all my students and teachers,

Emma Furze


MSc (University of Liverpool), BSc (National University of Singapore), MRSC

Honsbridge Academy

No.20 Jalan PJU 5/7 Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara, Petaling Jaya, 47810 Selangor

M: +6017 320 8837    W: www.honsbridge.com


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